Steel Oil Spill Containment Valve

Solutions to Stop Oil Spills

PVC Oil Spill Containment ValveOil spills are one of the most serious issues facing many large companies today. Oil drilling, aviation, and petrochemical industries all use great amounts of oil, so they are always at risk of an accident. To stop an oil spill on water or land, each place must have an oil containment system in place. The steel oil spill containment valve makes an excellent addition to any protections.

Fitting in with existing tanks or sumps, the oil stop valve seals the discharge pipe before oil can escape. The only moving part of the valve, a ballasted float, falls as oil gets in the system, closing the pipe before any reaches the outlet. Since the mechanical system works entirely based on the specific gravities of water and oil, the oil spill containment valve works even during a power outage.

In comparison with the PVC model, the stainless steel construction of this valve makes it more resistant to colder temperatures. There is also the option of extending the pipe through the sump wall for better fire protection. The five different discharge pipe sizes – 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" – provide options for fitting both small and large oil protection systems.

See the PVC Oil Spill Containment Valve for oil spill prevention in warmer climates.

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Oil Valve Technical SpecsOil Spill Containment Valve Features

  • Made Entirely of Stainless Steel
  • Up to 1400 GPM in Flow Rate
  • Single Moving Part
  • Optional Slave Valve
  • Dependent Only on Gravity

Oil Spill Containment Valve Benefits

  • Allows for Reliable Oil Spill Prevention
  • Large Flow Capacity
  • Works Regardless of Power Issues
  • Customizable to Most Oil Containment System Specifications

Oil Stop Valve Technical Specifications

Type Material Size Depth Below Outlet Invert Maximum Flow Rate
Steel 4" (101 mm) 27" (686 mm) 160 GPM
6" (152 mm) 30" (762 mm) 360 GPM
8" (203 mm) 34.5" (876 mm) 600 GPM
10" (254 mm) 37" (940 mm) 900 GPM
12" (304 mm) 41" (1,042 mm) 1400 GPM

Stainless Steel Oil Spill Containment Valve Sizes

Options for the Oil Stop Valve

Containment Valve OptionsThe oil spill containment valve comes ready to use with almost any oil containment system. However, GEI Works also offers a few additional recommended options to ensure easy optimization of the setup.

Water/Oil Level Switch – Every facility has some kind of alerts and controls to detect oil spills as they happen. The water/oil level switch connects the oil spill containment valve to those systems, so the operators know immediately when the ballasted float seals the discharge pipe in the event of an accident.

Slave Valve – In the standard oil stop valve, the float must be manually reset after a spill to restart the system and unseal the pipe. The slave valve is an additional float that will automatically reset the system as soon as the water levels return to normal. For hard-to-reach areas, this saves time and manpower when returning to regular operating procedures.

Freeze Protection Package – A thermostatically controlled immersion heater can be directly bolted to the tank. While helpful in particularly frigid climates, the stainless steel containment valve does not generally need this in temperate and warm areas.

Applications for the Oil Spill Containment Valve

Electric UtilitiesThe oil stop valve is useful across a wide range of industries and businesses to protect their assets. These area include but are not limited to:

  • Petroleum Marketing Facilities
  • Military Bases and Facilities
  • Power Plants and Electric Utilities
  • Airports
  • Oil Storage Areas

For containment tanks and sumps to use in conjunction with the oil spill containment valve, visit the Containment Tanks page.

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