Large Spill Response Kits

291 Gallon Spill Kit

Large Spill Response Kits provide you with the absorbents and safety materials required to quickly and effectively clean up materials in your location. Kraken absorbent spill kits can provide you with the materials you need, when you need them most. Absorbent spill kit contents include a variety of absorbent boom, sorbent socks, pads, disposal materials and more.

Stay Prepared with Kraken Spill Response Kits

large oil spill kit

291 Gallons (1,100 Liter) Large Spill Kit
Large spill kit contents include oil only absorbents, disposal equipment, safety measures, and instructions. White absorbents identify the ability to exclusively absorb hydrocarbons and oil based liquids, and can be used as a diesel fuel spill kit. This large spill kit is made up of four 95 gallon drums, with appropirate spill kit contents.

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Spill Kit Contents & Features:

  • Four 95 Gallon Drums
  • Contains Absorbent Socks, Absorbent Booms and Pads
  • Safety Equiptment and Disposal Products Included
  • Absorbent Spill Kit Refills Available

Absorbent Spill Kit Benefits:

  • Absorbent Variety Offers Multiple Tools for Cleaning up Materials
  • Helps Control and Contain Larger Spills
  • Provides Safety Materials for Clean-up Crew
  • Wheels Provide Easy Mobility to Specific Locations
  • Compactly Stores Materials Until Required

Typical Emergency Spill Kit Applications:

  • Cleanup Around Marinas, Ports, and Facilities
  • Stored for Use in the Event of a Spill
  • Can Also be Used for Chemicals
  • Diesel Fuel Spill Kit for Oil Based Spills and Hydrocarbons

Looking for a smaller cleanup kit to use as a diesel fuel kit, laboratory kit, or pesticide spill kit? As USA based spill kit suppliers, we provide spill kits in a range of sizes as small as 5 gallons to meet the needs of smaller spill areas. For more options, including hazmat chemical absorbent spill kits, and universal spill kits, check out our Spill Response Kits Variety. You may also be intersted in our Spill Pallets.

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