5 Gallon Spill Kit

Spill Kit Contents

The 5 gallon Spill Kit is an all-inclusive unit designed to keep absorbents and spill equipment on hand for emergencies. Small spill kits are for spill cleanup response, and include a variety of products including absorbents, safety goggles, storage containers and disposal bags.Our portable spill kits allow you to keep materials on hand for easy cleanup and proper disposal.

Models: Oil Only (White) - Haz-Mat (Yellow) - Universal (Gray)

hazmat spill kit bagCanvas Bag 5 Gallon Spill Kit: We offer 5 gallon vinyl bag spill kits in all three models: oil only, haz-mat, and general maintenance models. 5 gallon bag kits have zippers for secure storage and easy access and contain a variety of spill absorbent products.

Bucket 5 Gallon Spill Kits: Each kit has a screw on latch tight safety lid. All three types of spill absorbant 5 gallon spill kit models are available (oil only, hazmat, and general maintenance). Contents of 5 gallon bucket spill kits are usually slightlydifferent than 5 gallon bag spill kits for different absorbent needs.

Vinyl Bag 5 Gallon Spill Kit: Vinyl bag 5 gallon spill kits are offered in universal, oil only, and hazmat models universal 5 gallon kit for easy storage and quick spill cleanup. They usually contain socks and pads for small scale spill cleanup. These are perfect for any business, school, or facility to stay in compliance with local and federal regulations.

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Stay Prepared with Kraken Portable Spill Kits

Spill kits are a common choice for locations in risk of spills, leaks or drips. Their compact storage and easy access has made them a favorite for facilities looking to keep their site in compliance with local or federal regulations. Oil spill kit contents include oil only absorbents which are designed with properties that allow them to absorb oil and hydrocarbons without absorbing any water. Biohazard spill kit contents contain haz-mat absorbents that handle all forms of aggressive and non aggressive liquids. General emergency spill kit contents include universal absorbents that can absorb all aggressive and non aggressive liquids.

Typical Spill Kit Applications:

  • Cleanup for Land or Water Based Spills
  • Emergency Preparation for Accidental Spills
  • Perfect for Work Trucks, Warehouses, Job Sites and more

Small Spill Kit Benefits:

  • Refill Kits Available
  • Offers a Variety of Options for Spill Cleanup
  • Keeps Items Stored Out of the Way for Later Use
  • Provides Quick Response in the Event of a Spill
  • Placed in Marinas, Piers, and Ports Around the World
  • Oil Spill Absorbents are for Land or Water Use

Portable Spill Kit Contents

Spill kit contents vary, but typically 5 gallon portable spill kits contain socks, pads, and a disposal bag. If standard small spill kits don't suit your needs, products are available for individual purchase, or custom kits can be arranged.

Working on a site with larger absorbing requirements? In addition to the 5 gallon model, we also offer spill absorbent drums and totes for areas that require larger absorbing capabilities. For these and other options, check out our Spill Cleanup Kits.

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