95 Gallon Kraken Spill Kits

Universal, Chemical, and Oil Spill Kits

The 95 gallon Kraken spill kits provide a large number of absorbents to quickly and effectively clean up spills on your site. Each emergency response kit includes a combination of boom, pads, socks, and safety equipment customizable to your facility. Each kit and its related absorbents are available in oil-only, universal, or aggressive hazmat kit models.

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Be Prepared With Kraken Emergency Response Kits

55 gallon drum spill kit 95 Gallon Drum Universal Spill Kit
Universal Kraken spill kits are the ultimate absorb-all spill containment for all types of liquids. Each spill kit is filled with absorbent socks for containment, pads for clean up, and disposal products, Every facility should keep a universal spill kit on hand for safety and maintenance plans.

55 gallon oil absorbents95 Gallon Drum Hydrocarbon Spill Kit
Oil-only absorbents are white, so users can identify the saturation of oil in the absorbents. Kraken oil spill kits will only absorb oil and hydrocarbons, making them the top choice for companies around water bodies that need an oil spill emergency response kit.

spill kit chemical absorbents 95 Gallon Drum Hazmat Spill Kit
Yellow absorbents help users and disposal technicians identify contents as part of a hazmat spill kit, capable of absorbing all aggressive and chemical spills. Chemicals include acids, pesticides, coolant, and more. Similar to other Kraken spill kits, chemical spill kit contents include a variety of boom, pads, disposal bags, instructions, and more.

Every job site is different, so various styles of absorbent are included with every kit to address spills around machinery, in water, near walkways, and more. Each kit includes a variety of the following items: pads, socks, gloves, emergency response guides, and disposal bags. Spill kit absorbents can be custom arranged for sites with specific absorbent needs. Refill kits are also available.

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Kraken 95 Gallon Spill Kit Features

  • Storage Drum Capacity: 95 Gallons
  • Custom Mix And Match of Absorbents
  • Screw Top Lid (Mobile Model with Wheels Available)
  • Handling and Disposal Materials (Goggles, Bags, and Gloves)
  • Emergency Response Guide and Instructions

Kraken Emergency Spill Kit Benefits

  • Complies with Containment and Spill Regulations
  • Easy to Store
  • Provides a Disposal Place for Items After Use
  • Creates an Easy Access Point During Emergencies
  • Customizable to Your Site Requirements
  • Spill Kit Refills Available

Standard Spill Kit Applications

  • Response to Oil Spills in Marinas, Ports, and Refineries
  • Industrial Machinery Spills and Leaks
  • Large Environmental Accidents and Spills
  • Response to Chemical and Other Non-Hydrocarbon Spills

The 95 gallon Kraken spill kits featured here are one of many spill containment kits equipped to handle spills as they occur on your site. Additional spill kit containers include bags, buckets, and drums beginning at 5 gallons. Custom oil and chemical spill kit contents can be arranged by contacting our team at 772-646-0597. For more information, check out our Spill Kit Variety.

Spill clean up kits are commonly used for locations with regulations or potential for small spills. Emergency response kits provide absorbents for spill clean up, as well as a spill kit container that doubles as a disposal container. For larger marine oil spills, check out our Oil Containment Boom.

Additional Spill Kit Containers
(Oil Absorbents, Universal Absorbents, and Chemical Spill Kits)

spill kit 55 Gallon Spill
Absorbent Kit

spill kit 30 gallons 30 Gallon Spill
Absorbent Kit

portable spill kit 10 Gallon Duffle
Bag Kit

Questions? We can help! Call the GEI Works team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss spill kit procedure.