Spill Prevention

Containment Products for Leaks and Spills

Being proactive with secondary containment readily available and in place prior to a spill is at the core of spill prevention. GEI Works offers multiple solutions for secondary containment for spill prevention. Storing hazardous or flammable liquids in proper storage safety cabinets is important, as is utilizing the right tanks or containers for your stored materials. We have several options for your primary containment needs

Spill Prevention Products

Features and Benefits

  • Prevention: Storing chemical substances in safe primary containment tanks is the first step to spill prevention.
  • Preparation: Knowing that if the unthinkable or unexpected occurs, you are ready for the worst. This means that secondary containment measures are in place and additional supplies are on hand.
  • Protection: Ensuring that the spill is contained immediately, and cleaned up and disposed of properly and quickly. This protects you, your workers, your facility, your company, and the environment

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More on Spill Prevention Products

Primary Containment Tanks: Decide which type of liquid storage tank is best for your application and use. The right storage tank may be one that provides certain dimensions, chemical compatibilites, storage features, ships flat, can be assembled on site, or comes with built-in secondary containment features.

Spill Containment Tanks: Spill containment tanks are self-supporting structures that can contain leaks, collect materials during a decontamination process, or even be used as secondary containment for hazardous materials. GEI Works can manufacture these with numerous types of materials. If you provide the Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) on your product, we can review the chemical compatibilities of the fabrics selected for your containment tanks.

Spill Basins: Spill basins are designed for spill containment to catch leaks, spills, or drips under equipment. These products can prevent spills by containing hazardous materials until they can be recovered. Mini basins are perfect for drum storage or drum transport.

Spill Kits: Spill kits are an essential tool to keep on hand in every facility as part of an established maintenance plan. Spill clean up kits can be custom made to fit the requirements of facilites to contain and absorb spills. Spill kits come in oil only, hazmat, and universal spill clean up models and contain a variety of spill absorbent products.

Spill Mats and Rugs: Rail mats and industrial rugs are highly absorbent and extremely durable materials that can withstand significant pressure and traffic. The applications and locations of this product are almost limitless. These absorbent mats and rugs are often used in walkways with high foot traffic to absorb and retain oil, coolents, solvents, and other liquids.

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Questions about secondary containment? We can help! Call the GEI Works team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.