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Spill Pallets

Keeping Spills Contained and You in Compliance

Spill pallets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capacities to keep you in compliance with regulations set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and for SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans). Not only can you avoid costly fines, but workers are protected, and factory floors remain safer with the prevention of incidental spills and easy clean up.

Manufactured using polyethylene, your spill pallet will have a long life due to its superior chemical, rust, and corrosion resistance. Whether your priority is size, storage, location, or affordability, there is a model to meet your needs.

2 drum spill pallet 2 Drum Oil Pallet drum spill pallet 2 Drum Pallet
with Hardcover
4 drum spill pallet 4 Drum Pallet
with Hardcover
spill containment pallet4 Drum Pallet
Low Profile
drum spill pallet 4 Drum Pallet
Slim Line
poly spill pallets 4 Drum Poly
Spill Pallet
spill containment palletTemporary Pallet spill control pallets Oil Spill Pad
for Small Items
containment pallets spill Econo Pallet with
Drainage Channel
pallets spill containment2 Drum Oil
Spill Work Station
spill control pallet 4 Drum Oil
Spill Work Station
containment spill pallets 6 Drum Oil
Spill Work Station
pallet spill containment8 Drum Oil
Spill Work Station



Our Product Variety

If you are looking to store drums outdoors, our hardcover storage models are ideal. With front and back loading access, this added convenience is a plus!

When storage space is a priority, consider our 2-Drum Model or the In-Line Models. These configurations allow for storage in between columns, up against walls, or in other areas with limited space. The temporary pads all offer minimal storage.

So it's economy you desire? Our spill shells, spill pads, and temporary pallets are for you. All designed for unique purposes, they collectively are designed with savings in mind.

For easier drum handling, the slim line models and work stations are perfect. Low to the ground, drums are loaded and unloaded with ease, increasing productivity and reducing incidental spills.

You may also be interested in Spill Response Kits or soft-sided Secondary Containment Berms.

Other Product Categories

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