Poly Spill Pallets 4 Drum Model

Poly-Spillpallet™ 6000

4 Drum Poly Spill Pallets are a robust and durable containment product designed to poly spill palletshelp successfully store 55 gallon drums. Equipped with a bottom sump that can hold up to 83 gallons of liquid, these units are designed to hold small leaks and spills from your storage drums.

Spill containment pallets featured here are built from a high strength poly material that is able to handle spills, leaks and various outdoor elements. This helps to successfully contain your materials, while also preventing rust and corrosion on the units. Each pallet will additionally feature a removable grate that can be quickly removed to clean out the sump area after a spill.

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  • Polyethylene Construction
  • Storage of Four (4) 55-Gallon Drums
  • Two (2) Removable Grates
  • 83 Gallon Sump Capacity
  • 50" x 50" Footprint
  • Optional Drain


  • Chemical, Rust, Corrosion Resistant
  • Forkliftable From All Sides
  • Holds up to 6,000 lbs UDL
  • Optional Drain Model Available
  • Durable, Rugged

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

Pallets Technical Specifications

Part Number
Load Bearing Capacity
Sump Capacity


EN5001-YE-D (w/drain)

50" L x 50" W x 17" H
(127 cm x 127 cm x 43 cm)
88 lbs
(40 kg)
6000 lbs.
(2722 kg)
83 gal.
(314 L)


Spill Pallets and Oil Spill Prevention

poly spill containment deckOne of the easiest ways to prevent a land-based oil spill on your site is through the use of proper secondary containment for your stored items. A favorite for this type of storage is our poly pallets, hardcovers, and storage decks that provide robust storage prior, during and after a spill. In addition to the sump model featured above, we also offer the following options for oil drum storage:

  • Poly Spill Pallets with Hardcovers
  • Slim Line Containment Pallets
  • Containment Decks

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