Pallet Spill Containment Workstation

Workstation for 8 Drum Containment

This 8 drum Pallet Spill Containment Workstation offers high strength and superior resistance to pallets spill containmentchemicals, rust, corrosion and other liquid spills that may occur during storage in your location. Built with removable polyethylene grates, these pallets make drum storage, containment and cleaning easy and hassle-free.

Models featured here offer a 6" low profile height that provides easy loading and unloading of up to eight (8) 55-gallon drums. Often designed to become part of your factory floor, these pallets can be joined together to create needed work and storage space in your area. This has allowed customers to prevent spills, maximize floor space, and ease handling of drum storage. Keeping drums safely contained on your unit can also help keep your site in compliance with EPA and SPCC Regulations.

These drum workstations are also available in an economy model. This model has all the same features as the standard workstation, but with the environmental benefit of being made out of 100% recycled materials.

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  • One-Piece Polyethylene Construction
  • Low-Profile Design (6")
  • Rolled-Edge Design
  • Heavy-Duty Removable Grates
  • Optional Loading Ramp Available
  • ECO Model Available


  • Easy to Clean
  • Large Sump Capacity
  • Connects With Other Workstations to Create a Custom Floor Design
  • Forkliftable (When Empty)
  • Resistant to Chemicals, Rust, and Corrosion
  • Easy to Load and Unload Drums
  • Designed to Resist Cracking and Warpage
  • Can Store up to (8) 55 gallon Drums

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

8 Drum Workstation
Technical Specifications

Part Number
Load Bearing Capacity
Sump Capacity
100" L x 53.25" W x 6" H
(254 cm x 135 cm x 15 cm)
179 lbs.
(81 kg)
8000 lbs.
(3629 kg)
72 gal.
(272 L)
100" L x 53.25" W x 6" H
(254 cm x 135 cm x 15 cm)
148 lbs.
(62.2 kg)
6000 lbs.
(2722 kg)
72 gal.
(272 L)


Containment Pallets

spill pallet hardcoverWith the goal of safe oil containment and storage in mind, these products are one of many options designed to hold 55 gallon drums. Additional models include smaller workstation decks, sump containment pallets, hardcovers and slim line models. For these and other 55 gallon containment options, check out our Pallet Spill Containment Overview Page.


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