Oil Spill Socks

Absorbent Socks for Oil Spills

Question: Hello. I was looking for those oil spill socks. I was wondering what sizes where available for these absorbents and where they could be used. Can you help me with this?

oil spill socksAnswer: Thank you for contacting us! The Oil Absorbent Socks are extremely flexible and versatile, making them ideal for various locations including around spills in the water and around machinery to contain leaks. You may choose to use your sock to surround various large items and prevent further spreading of leaks and spill. Socks have also been used for small spills in water.

The absorbing sock typically features a three inch diameter (3" dia.) and comes in multiple lengths including 48 inches (48"), 96 inches (96"), and 120 inches (120").

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The absorbent sock offers several features to help with the containment and cleanup of an oil or chemical spill including:

  • Tubular Shape
  • Bending Exterior
  • Oleophilic (Attracts & Absorbs Oil)
  • Hydrophobic (Resists & Repels Water)
  • Typical Diameter: 3"
  • Lengths: 48", 96", 120"

These features have provided a long list of advantages to their use. Some of the most beneficial advantages including the following:

  • Flexible Design: The flexible, bendable design of these socks has allowed for several uses including complete surrounding of tanks, vehicles, and small spills.

  • Absorbs Oil: Helping to increase the effectiveness of these absorbents, these socks contain the unique quality of absorbing oil while resisting water. This has can be especially useful in water-based oil spill cleanup as it allows spills to be quickly absorbed without the sock getting bogged down by water.

  • Versatile Cleanup: The oil spill sock also offers the advantage of being extremely versatile. This means that it can absorb both light and heavy oils or various other oil that leaks from vehicles, machines, or watercrafts.

Typical Oil Spill Applications:


With the ability to be used in both land-based and water applications, this oil sock has been implemented in a wide range of applications including:

  • Marine Oil Spill Cleanup
  • Oil Control in Ports
  • Small Factory Spills
  • Vehicles or Machine Leaks
  • Leaking Equipment on Construction Sites

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