55 Gallon Oil Spill Kits

Universal, Hazmat, and Oil Spill Kits

GEI Works offers 55 gallon drum spill kits in 3 models - universal, oil, and chemical / acid spill kits. Designed as a complete absorbent kit, each model includes a large drum container and a range of spill kit contents. This variety allows facilities to stay prepared for both water and land-based spills and covers a range of spill kit procedures. All models include a variety of absorbents, goggles, wipes, and disposable bags. Each drum has a lever lock lid for easy storage and convenient access.

Be Prepared With Kraken 55 Gallon Liquid & Oil Spill Kits

55 gallon drum spill kit

Universal 55 Gallon Drum Liquid Spill Kit

Filled with absorbent socks for containment, pads for clean up, and disposal products, the universal absorbent drums are the ultimate absorb-all spill kits for all types of liquids. Keep these spill kits on-hand for safety and maintenance compliance plans.

55 gallon oil absorbents

55 Gallon Drum Oil Spill Kit

Oil spill kits contain white oil-only absorbents, so users can identify the saturation of oil in the absorbents. These products will only absorb oil and hydrocarbons, making them the top choice for facilities dealing with large amounts of oil, gasoline, and other hydrocarbons.

spill kit chemical absorbents

Hazmat 55 Gallon Drum Chemical Spill Kit

The color yellow helps to identify the spill kit contents as being capable of absorbing all aggressive chemical spills — including acids, pesticides, coolant, and more. These are perfect for laboratory spill kits and in hospitals as body fluid spill kits.

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Every job site varies, so different absorbents are included with every kit to address spills around machinery, in water, around walkways, and other problem areas. Spill kit contents include some of each of the following items: pads, socks, gloves, emergency response guides, disposal bags, and instructions on how to use a spill kit. Spill kit absorbents are customizable to sites with specific absorbent needs, with refill kits also available.

Spill Clean Up Kit Benefits

  • Easy Way to Store In-House Absorbents
  • Stay in Compliance
  • Store Items for Use During Spills
  • Variety of Materials to Help Clean and Contain Liquids
  • Wheeled Spill Kit Drum Provides Easy Transportation
  • Customizable to Best Fit Your Spill
  • Fast Clean Up for Spills on Land or in Water
  • Emergency Spill Response Kits

Equipped with a range of absorbents inside 55 gallon drums, all acid spill kits, body fluid spill kits, or oil spill kits are able to sit in facilities, warehouses, ports, businesses, and fueling stations to quickly address accidents as they occur.

Spill kits are available in sizes ranging from 5 gallons to over 95 gallons. Items included within the kit (such as absorbent pads, socks, pillows, or boom) can be mixed and matched within each unit or purchased on their own. For more information, check out our hazmat and laboratory Spill Kits Variety or Absorbent Variety pages.

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