Oil Spill Cleanup Kit

65 Gal Spill Kit

65 gallon Oil Spill Cleanup Kits offer a range of absorbents to be used for spills in facilities, or in water as a spill kits for oilmarine spill kit. Spill kits for oil contain white colored absorbents, and will ONLY absorb oil, hydrocarbons, diesel fuel, and other oil based liquids. Absorbents in our hydrocarbon spill kits contain and absorb oil spills for quick cleanup efforts. 65 gallon spill kits are offered as an oil only spill cleanup kit. If you're looking to absorb other liquids, we also offer chemical hazmat kits and universal cleanup kits on our Kraken spill kit page.

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65 Gallon Oil Spill Cleanup Kits

Capable for on land or in water use, Kraken oil spill kits contain a variety of spill cleanup materials to be used as a facility hydrocarbon spill kit or marine spill kits for oil. Each 65 gallon oil spill kit contains a range of different absorbents including the following: absorbent pads, absorbent socks, safety gear, disposal bags, gloves, emergency response guides, wipes.

Stay Prepared With Kraken Facility & Marine Spill Kits

Typical Oil Spill Cleanup Kit Applications:

  • Cleanup for Land or Water Based Marine Oil Spills
  • Safety, Maintenance, & Emercency Plan Compliant
  • Custom Spill Kits Available
  • Diesel Spill Kits & Fuel Absorbant Capabilites
  • Chemical and Hazmat Spill Kits Available Here

Oil Only Hydrocarbon Spill Kit Advantages:

  • Spill Kit Refills Available
  • Provides Quick Response to Spills
  • Prevents Further Spreading or Leaking
  • Includes Safety Gear & Disposal Materials
  • Multiple Products to Address Different Spill Types and Sizes
  • 65 Gallon Storage Drums for Storage and Disposal
  • Can be Used as a Diesel Spill Kit or Diesel Fuel Spill Kit

Absorbents are one of our most versatile products and are sold separately or as part of a oil spill kit. Additional diesel spill kit models & chemical spill kits start at 5 gallons and can go up in size to over 95 gallons. Please check out our Spill Cleanup Kits or Absorbents pages for more information on each of these products, or call our team for more information on oil spill cleanup hydrocarbon spill kits.

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