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Oil Spill Absorbent Boom

Hi. I am looking for some oil spill absorbents. What different kinds do you have and how would I decide which to use? I have heard that there are biodegradable booms that can absorb oil also. Is this true and do you have them?

oil absorbent boomThank you for your inquiry! In terms of oil absorbing materials, we offer oil absorbing booms, pads, socks, and even a biodegradable boom. Typically, the different types of absorbing products are designed to help better clean up particular areas of a spill.

One of the most popular oil absorbents is the Oil Absorbing Boom. As you mentioned above, these booms come in both a biodegradable and standard model. Either can provide you with quality oil absorbing and even oil containment.

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What is the oil absorbing boom used for?

The oil absorbing booms are an extremely versatile product that can be used for small, large, water based and even land based spills. Because the boom has a round structure, they have often been used as a barrier to contain oil. The following are some examples of how these booms have been used:

  • Spill Containment Around Equipment: These booms are extremely flexible and bend easily around larger tanks. This helps to contain spills to around the tank area, preventing further spills around your site.
  • Oil Containment in Waters: When spills occur in rivers or streams (such as in the Yellowstone River Spill) absorbing booms are often used to help contain the oil and prevent it from reaching shores or marinas.
  • Absorbing in Waters: The oil absorbent boom contains UV resistant netting and is made hydrophobic. This allows it to be used in outdoor locations, while actively working to repel water. This helps to ensure that only oil is being absorbed.

oil absorbent padAnother frequently used oil spill absorbent is the Absorbent Pad. This flat product features the same great oil absorbing qualities as the boom, but lies flat for quick cleanup. These oil absorbent pads have multiple qualities that allow it to be used in on land cleanup and in waters. These benefits include:

  • Long Fibers: This construction helps give the pad more absorbing strength. Which, in turn, allows the tank to be used in multiple locations.
  • High Tensile Strength: This helps to keep the absorbing pad strong for use in many different locations.
  • Repels Water: By repelling water, this absorbing pad can be used in water spills without worry of the absorbent wasting power by absorbing only water.
  • Easy to Incinerator: This makes disposal easier. The oil absorbent pad can also be wrung out, making this pad drier. This helps keep flames high in the incinerator process as the materials will not be covered in wet oil.

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