Mysterious Oil Slick Found in the Gulf of Mexico

Origins Unknown

The US Coast Guard responded to alerts of a mysterious oil slick around 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, June 8, 2011. According to early news released from the Coast Guard, the source of this oil is still unknown.

While speculation continues as to the source of the slick, cleanup efforts are underway. Within hours, the Coast Guard responded with pollution investigators and cleanup boats with oil containment boom were on their way to the site. As evident from the spill last year, having a proper clean up and containment plan can be essential to addressing the problem of an oil spill quickly and preventing further contamination.

With over 15 years industry experience, Granite Environmental Inc, a Division of GEI Works, is committed to finding containment, cleanup, control, and prevention solutions. With effective and proven products such as the oil containment booms, Granite Environmental is equipped with the products & means necessary to address spills fast. Products offered include some equipment needed in a response including containment booms, absorbents, and spill kits.

“In any oil exploration and production environment, there is the potential for spills or oil slicks.  We have positioned ourselves for the coming storm season and we are ready to respond if spills occur or if additional slicks or sheen surface. Granite Environmental supplied over 325,000 feet of oil spill containment boom, bulk storage tanks, and equipment in the region last year and we are well equipped for quick response situations.”

-Mark Wilkie, President of Granite Environmental, a Division of GEI Works, Inc.


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