Easy Storage for Oil Boom Fence

Oil Fence and Boom Storage

boom for oil spillQuestion: I need an oil boom fence that can be easily stored. I am looking to stock some in case of a spill and I was wondering what would be best. My waters have a low flow. Also do you ship your booms worldwide? What materials are they made of?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us with your inquiry! Since your primary goal is stock this product, a great option would be our Oil Containment Fence Boom. These fences booms are made from a wide range of materials and can be shipped to various locations around the world.

While the standard oil containment boom uses round floats, these fence booms use rectangular floats that help keep them flat while folded up. This allows you to store them in containers (as seen in the picture above) or wrapped onto containment reels.

The ease of storage for these fence boom not only helps with preparedness, but also allows you to deploy quickly. Since these fence booms can be wrapped up and stored on reels, they can be quick to deploy once a spill occurs.

When considering if this containment boom could work for you, it is important to make sure that your conditions are consistently low flow with little or no waves. Since these oil containment booms are using rectangular floats instead of round floats, they are lower in bouyancy and are not well equipped for rough water conditions.

The standard material used for this boom fence is a twenty-two ounce per square yard (22 oz/yd²) PVC coated polyester. However, the boom is available in a wide range of other materials.

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If you have questions about this oil boom fence, give us a call at (+1) 772.646.0597 or request a price quote.