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Oil Boom Product Variety

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Our oil boom product variety is designed to help with spill containment requirements that develop during an oil leak or spill on your site. Each spill containment boom is equipped to handle oil, water, and constant UV exposure. For longer term containment needs, we offer a permanent boom made with steel and capable of lasting six times longer than standard booms for harsher ourdoor conditions.

Standard booms feature foam filled floats, impermeable PVC fabric, and a bottom ballast. Tension cables may be added to help keep booms in place in moving water conditions, and booms must always have proper anchoring systems to ensure product success.

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Oil Boom Design and Specifications

An Oil Containment Boom can be made in several different sizes and styles depending on the requirements for your location. As mentioned above, the most commonly used boom is our standard foam-filled boom. This boom features a top float, impermeable bottom skirt, bottom ballast, and tension cables for moving water locations. Standard oil booms are typically one of the following models:

  • Calm Water Booms
  • Fast and Protected Booms
  • Open Water Booms
  • Permanent Containment Boom
  • Oil Boom Fence

Components on the boom may vary depending on your specific water conditions and can be build to accomodate the currents, tides, and waves unique to your location.

Oil Spill Containment Boom Models

In addition to the foam filled booms, we also offer other boom models including the following:

  • Oil Fence: The oil boom fence is a unique barrier designed specifically for calm water locations where there is limited flow or water movement. Fence booms feature impermeable materials that are installed along a fence for quick containment in your location. They can be stored on boom reels for quick emergency deployment.
  • Biodegradable Oil Booms
  • Booms for Oil Spills
  • Oil Containment River Boom

Permanent Oil Booms are also available for locations that require long term spill control. Read about an Oil Slick in the Gulf of Mexico, where these types of products would be used, or read about Open Water Oil Spill Boom.

Don’t see the oil containment boom you need? Give us a call! We’d be happy to help develop a system that works for you. View a customer question about the right boom for them on our Oil Spill Boom page.

View a customer question about Oil Booms.

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Questions about oil booms? We can help! Call the Oil Spill Clean-Up team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.