Oil Absorbent Socks

Absorbing Oil in Various Locations

Socks for Absorbing Oil

Oil Absorbent Socks are the perfect containment option for smaller spills and job sites. Often oil absorbent socksused for quick containment around vehicles, valves, small leaks and machines, these absorbents are flexible enough to be quickly molded and curved to fit around a spill area.

Similar to our other absorbent products, the sorbent socks are constructed from properties that allow them to absorb oil, while repelling unwanted liquids such as water. This allows them to target your spill material and prevents that absorbent from being bogged down with water. Socks are often used as part of a spill cleanup or quick response kit to address spills the minute they occur in your location.

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  • Constructed in a Tube Shape
  • Capable of Bending
  • Attracts and Absorbs Oil (Oleophilic)
  • Resists and Repels Water (Hydrophobic)
  • Sizing


  • Flexible
  • Low Liquid Leakage
  • Can be Used in Many Applications
  • Absorbs both Light and Heavy Oil
  • Contains Oil without Getting Bogged Down by Water

Typical Oil Spill Applications:

  • Oil Control in Ports and Marinas Around the World
  • Helps Contain and Absorb Small or Large Oil Spills
  • Bent to Surround Leaky Equipment
  • On Boat Decks, Shops, and other Industrial Locations

Absorbing Socks Technical Specifications

Part Number Dimensions  Packaging Qty/
AI-SPS3480 3" DIA X 48" 4/BOX 18 32
AI-SPS3960 3" DIA X 96" 20/BOX 18 32
AI-SPS31200 3" DIA X 120" 15/BOX 18 32

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Spill Kits

In order to complete your containment requirements, absorbents are also offered in spill kits. Rather than feature a single absorbent style, these kits will store a combination of absorbents to help address leaks and spills once they occur on your site.

oil spill cleanup kitsAbsorbents and products commonly found in these kits include some or all of the following:

  • Sorbent Socks
  • Absorbents Pads
  • Sorbent Booms
  • Safety Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Storage Container

For more information, check out our Oil Spill Kits


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