Oil Absorbent Materials

Oil Absorbent Booms and Socks

Question: I am looking for some oil absorbent materials, such as booms or socks, that I can keep around my oil absorbent boomsite in the event of a spill. Do you have anything?

Answer: For cleanup and containment of oil around your site, we offer several different oil absorbents that can be stored directly around your location and put into effect quickly when the time arises. These oil absorbents include long containment items such as booms and socks, as well as smaller containment items such as absorbent pads, wipes, and rolls. To view our complete selection of oil spill cleanup materials, please feel free to view our Absorbents Main Page.

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For fast containment deployment after a spill, items like the oil absorbent sock and boom are an excellent choice. These absorbents are designed in a long, tubular shape that can be easily maneuvered or adjusted to fit around machinery, around spills, or lining small entrances.

As a highly absorbent material, these booms offer a dual purpose set-up that allows these products to both absorb and cleanup required materials. Booms and socks can typically be linked together to form long sections around spill area.


Oil Absorbent Boom

The Oil Absorbent Boom is a highly versatile containment product that is frequently used in the cleanup of small water spills. These booms are designed to float in the water without oil absorbent boomabsorbing any water materials. This has allowed for the boom to function as a barrier, while also working to clean and absorb oil it comes into contact with. Features for this absorbent boom include:

  • Polyester UV Resistant Netting
  • Linking Steel Rings
  • Oil Absorbent Exterior
  • Water Repelling Exterior

These features help to create an oil absorbent materials that are equipped to handle outdoor exposure, the nature of oil, and more.


Oil Absorbent Socks

In comparison to the absorbent booms, Oil Absorbent Socks are designed with slightly smaller diameters for land based cleanup or small spill containment. Similar to the absorbent boom, oil absorbent socksthese socks contain a flexible tube shape with exteriors that attract and absorb oil while resisting and repelling water. Features include:

  • Bendable Exterior
  • Oleophilic (attracts oil)
  • Hydrophobic (repels water)
  • Tubular Shape
  • Low Liquid Leakage

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.