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Oil spill absorbents are designed to absorb petroleum, hydrocarbons and oil based liquids only. Oil absorbers are typically white in color, which allows users a visual gague of the absorbed hydrocarbons and level of saturation. Use these sorbents for oil spill cleanup, and store them as part of your preventative maintenance plan.

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Oil Sorbent Boom

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Kraken Oil Only Absorbents - Oil Spill Absorbent Products

Oil Spill Absorbent Kits: oil spill kitsOil spill containment kits contain a variety of sorbents for oil spills, and help facilities keep a supply of quick response oil spill cleanup sorbents. Oil only spill kits range in absorption capacity from 5 gallons to 130 gallons of oil based liquid, and the contents can be customized. See our spill kit options on our oil spill kit full page.

Oil Absorbent Pads: oil absorbent padWe offter several types of cleanup absorbent pads including SMS three layer oil sorbent pads, anti-static oil absorbent pads, and fine fiber oil sorbent pads. Read more about oil pads for spills for marine use, and which type of oil absorbent pad for oil you need in case of an oil spill on our oil absorbent pad full page.

Oil Sorbent Boom: oil absorbent boom For facility or in water use, absorbent booms can be linked together for absorbtion or containment of oil based spills. We offer three types of oil absorbent booms: Standard Oil Only Boom, Spaghetti Boom (usually used in water), and Blige Boom (usually marine use). See more information on our oil absorbent boom page.

Oil Spill Pom Poms: oil sorbents pom pomsOil spill pom poms are commonly used in water to absorb hydrocarbons as they travel with the current. They can be strung together to skim the surface of water, or used to scrub places needing spot treatment. Oil spill pom poms can be cleaned and reused, and are a highly recommended sorbent for oil spills.

Loose Absorbents: loose oil absorbents Loose absorbents are just as effective at absorbing oil based spills, but offer more flexibility and range than other structured absorbent products. These can be used when other oil absorbing products won't exactly fit your needs, or in corners or hard to reach places that other products won't fit.

Oil Spill Socks: Socks are similar to boom, and can be used as a barrier to absorb and contain oil spills. Oil spill socks are flexible and can bend to fit the need of any oil spill. Socks are generally smaller than boom, and are ideal for placement around leaky machinery or to protect walkways. Read more on our oil absorbent socks page.

Oil Spill Absorbent Rolls:oil absorbent roll Our oil only absorbent rolls include: standard oil absorbent pads, SMS three layer sorbent rolls, and fine fiber sorbent rolls. Oil sorbent rolls are polularly used in facilities as an option to keep close by for unexpected leaks and spills. Read more about these oil spill products on our oil absorbent roll product page.

Oil Absorbent Pillow:absorbent pillow Oil absorbent pillows float for on water use, but are also great for facility use. Absorbent pillows are popularly used to absorb constant drips or small leaks because they are able to absorb more hydrocarbons than pads and rolls. Read more about oil absorbent pillows on our full product page.

Stay Prepared with Kraken Oil Only Absorbents

Each oil only absorbent product listed above has the capability to be used in marine oil spills becuase each Kraken oil absorber does not absorb water. Sorbents for oil spills can be combined to make an oil spill absorbent kit.

In addition to oil only absorbents, we also offer hazmat (chemical) absorbents, and universal (general) cleanup absorbents. Sorbents for oil spills are white, hazmat sorbents for chemicals and acids are yellow, and general sorbents for all liquids are usually gray.

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