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2 Drum Floating Oil Skimmers

2 Drum Oil Skimmer

Two drum floating oil skimmers are an excellent way to increase recovery rates for fast cleanup after an inshore spill. Designed with a high level of portability, durability and floating oil skimmersstrength, these skimmers are designed to float along the surface of the water to automatically absorb and collect oil.

As with a majority of our floating oil skimmer systems, these units are comprised of marine grade materials, rotating drums and more. All systems and cleanup equipment are available with power packs, transfer pumps, hoses and more. As an added bonus, systems are also available with an interchangeable disc and/or brush for different recovery requirements.

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  • Marine Grade Flotation Unit
  • Two (2) Rotating Drums
  • Interchangeable Model (Disc & Brush Options)
  • Onboard Pump
  • Hydraulic Transfer Hose & Control Panel
  • Debris Screens


  • Designed for Easy Decontamination & Reusability
  • Aluminum Grade Material for Safe Marine Use
  • Effectively Collects & Disposes of Oil
  • Quick Release to Interchange Recovery Parts (no tools needed)
  • Easy Connection to Pumps
  • High Recovery Rates to Get Jobs Done

Typical Oil Spill Applications:

  • Inshore Spill Collection
    • Marshes
    • Rivers
    • Shorelines
    • Intakes
    • Harbors


Drum-Disc-Brush Skimmer Head
Typical Specifications

Interchangeable Disc, Drum & Brush Skimmer
Drum Recovery Rate
66 m³/hr
Disc Recovery Rate
70 m³/hr
Brush Recovery Rate
76 m³/hr
300 lbs.
66" L x 48" W x 30" H
Oil Transfer Hose Dia.
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure
3000 PSI


In addition to the recovery rates featured here, skimmers are also available in both larger or smaller models to recover at increased rates. Standard options will include recovery times ranging from 3 m³/hr to 150 m³/hr. Please do not hesitate to specify the exact rate you require for your site.

Additional Cleanup Equipment

Often used simultaneously with skimmers and other spill equipment, we also offer items to help with oil collection, containment, and even spill prevention. Some of the many options include the following:

  • spill cleanup kitOil Containment Booms
  • Boom Storage Reels
  • Power Packs
  • Work Boats
  • Additional Skimmers
  • Spill Berms & Pallets
  • Spill Kits and Absorbents

For more information regarding each of these products, please feel free to check out our Complete Oil Spill Cleanup Variety.


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