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inflatable oil boomQuestion: I am looking for a floating oil containment boom that I can use in the event of a spill. I would prefer one that is inflatable.

Answer: For the kind of oil spill containment you have mentioned, the Single Point Inflatable Boom can be an ideal choice. These booms inflate from only a single section making your system easy and hassle-free. Additionally, these booms have an extremely high deployment rate, allowing you to contain your spills fast.

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When you need an oil boom that can respond fast to emergency situations, this inflatable boom is the perfect choice. These booms offer several advantages and features that help customers in emergency response situations. Some of these features include:

  • Single Point Inflating Source: One of the many advantages of this boom is its ability to inflate from a single source located on the boom. This removes the need for constant opening and closing of valves and leaves only one area on the boom that requires air inflation.
  • Fast Deployment: This boom is designed for fast response and can deploy at a rate of 100 feet per minute.
  • Working Temperature: Designed for versatility, these booms have a wide operating temperature ranging from -50° F to 180° F. This allows the boom to operate in several different area locations.
  • High Buoyancy to Weight Ratio: As you required, this floating boom is designed for superior floating power and has isolated chambers to increase its buoyancy.
  • Compact: When this boom is not in use, it can lay flat and compacted on a reel or storage unit. This allows booms to be easily moved into boats and shipped out to the needed containment area.

The floating oil containment boom is made from either a 29 oz. urethane coated polyester or 30 oz neoprene alloy coated polyester. Their standard length comes in sections 100' long. These sections can be connected to form larger booms by means of an aluminum universal ASTM Connector.

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