Two Drum Spill Pallet

Containment Pallet with Hardcover

drum spill palletThe Two Drum Spill Pallet Hardcover is a robust way to store two 55 gallons drums in and indoor or outdoor location. Constructed from a robust polyethylene material, these pallets are equipped to keep drums fully protected for the duration of their storage.

In order to completely cover your units, each pallet contains a storage area, polyethylene construction, and rolling top that allows for access through the front and back of the unit. With a locking feature and long-lasting design, these pallets are equipped to keep you site in compliance with SPCC and EPA regulations as well as protect drums for water, debris and other site materials. Additional accessories including poly ramps and ramp extenders are also available to help bring further ease to the loading process.

This two drum spill pallet is also available in an economy model. This model has all the same features as the standard drum spill pallet, but with the environmental benefit of being made out of 100% recycled materials.

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  • Polyethylene Construction
  • Stores Two (2) 55 Gallon Drums
  • Lockable Doors
  • Roll Top Hard Cover
  • Available Accessories: Poly-Ramp & Ramp Extender
  • Optional Drain
  • Economy Models Available


  • Offers Drum Protection Indoors and Outdoors
  • Front and Back Loading
  • Chemical, Rust, Corrosion Resistant
  • Added Security

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

2 Drum Hardcover Technical Specifications

Exterior Dimensions 
Interior Dimensions
Load Capacity
Sump Capacity
60"L x 37.3"W x 72.6"H
51"L x 30"W x 52"H 
210 lbs. (95 kg)
2000 lbs. (90.3 kg)
58 gal.
(219.6 L)
60"L x 37.3"W x 72.6"H
51"L x 30"W x 52"H 
210 lbs.
(95 kg)
2000 lbs.
(90.3 kg)
58 gal.
(219.6 L)

spill containment aplletsWhen storing 55 gallon oil drums or any other chemicals, having some type of secondary containment on your site can help prevent contamination and spills in your location. This can help quickly contain a spill the second it occurs, preventing further spreading in your location. Different options for keeping your materials contained include the following:

  • Sump Drum Spill Pallet
  • Low Profile Spill Decks
  • Hardcovers

Visit the Spill Pallets page for more product information.

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