Containment Berms

Foam Wall Spill Berm

Foam Wall Spill Berm

These foam wall containment berms are an ideal choice for secondary containment under vehicles, machinery, moving equipment, cars, frac tanks and various other storage parts. Built with four, six or eight inch (4", 6" or 8") walls, they are a great way store materials and prevent spills on your site. containment berms

Featuring a low-profile design that allows vehicles to easily drive on or off the unit, these berms can be repeatedly driven on without losing their strength. Additionally, berms are made as one complete unit that can deploy quickly and efficiently. This makes them perfect for use in response to spills. When not deployed, berms can be rolled up for easy transportation.

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  • Foam Wall Sides: 4", 6" or 8" in diameter
  • Material Options: PVC, LLDPE, XR-5 or Elvaloy, Polyurethane
  • Optional Accessories include Tread Guards, Ground Cloths & More


  • Easy for Vehicles to Drive On and Off
  • One Piece Construction so No Parts Can Break Off
  • Deploys Swiftly for Fast Response
  • Lightweight and Easy to Transport
  • High Resistance to Oil and Other Chemical Materials

Typical Oil Spill Applications:

  • Containment Areas for Decontamination Runoff
  • Liner for Trucks and Tankers
  • Secondary Containment for Storage Tanks
  • Quick Response to Spills

Containment Berms Technical Specifications

Typical Liner
Material Options
Length Width Height Estimated

22 oz. PVC 
30 oz. PVC
40 oz. Urethane

6' (1.8 m) 6' (1.8 m) 4" (0.1 m) 90 gal (341 L)
10'' (3 m) 10'' (3 m) 4" (0.1 m) 247 gal (935 L)
10'' (3 m) 20'' (6 m) 4" (0.1 m) 494 gal (1870 L)
15' (4.6 m) 20' (6 m) 4" (0.1 m) 748 gal (2831 L)
10'' (3 m) 40' (12.2 m) 4" (0.1 m)
997 gal (3774 L)
10'' (3 m) 50' (15.2 m) 4" (0.1 m) 1247 gal (4720 L)
15' (4.6 m) 60' (18.3 m) 4" (0.1 m) 2244 gal (8494 L)

*Capacities are based on estimated values given that the berm is on a flat, even area. Actual containment capacity may vary depending on your location and storage equipment.

spill bermLooking for something with a higher wall height? We also offer containment berms with aluminum angle brackets that can be used for tank storage, vehicle containment, and various other spill response applications. Standard walls on these berms will feature a height of around 1', with taller options available. For more information, check out our Aluminum Angle Spill Berms. If you don't see what you are looking for, visit our Spill-Containment page which houses other types of spill containment options such as spill pallets.


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