Chemical Absorbents

Spill Cleanup

Chemical absorbents are typically yellow in color to help with safe cleanup and disposal practices. The yellow color alerts users that the products are used to contain chemicals and other hazardous spills . Chemical spill absorbants can be used with any aggressive acid or biohazardous spill.

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Hazmat Absorbent Pads

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Hazmat Spill Socks

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Hazmat Spill Kits

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Small Spill Kits

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Hazmat Absorbent Rolls

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Hazmat Spill Pillows

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Hazmat Spill Cleanup & Chemical Absorbents

spill kit chemical absorbentsChemical Spill Kits: Hazmat Spill kits contain an assortment of chemical spill absorbents for facilities to keep on hand as part of a maintenence plan. Spill kits should be kept nearby to contain and absorb spills, and minimize the spread and possible contamination. Chemical spill cleanup kits are often custom built to best address the possible spills in your location.

chemical absorbent padsChemical Absorbent Pads: Hazmat pads are idea for soaking up drips and smaller spills around facilities. Hazmat sorbent spill pads come in standard meltblown, and SMS three layer models. These pads will absorb even the most aggressive liquids, and the yellow color alerts users and passers by of the spill.

hazmat spill socksChemical Absorbent Socks: Absorbent socks are commonly used to contain a spill and block the liquid from spreading. Spill absorbent socks are flexible and often are used around machinery. Hazmat socks are yellow, which visibly alerts others to use caution as the spill might contain dangerous liquids.

hazmat spill pillowChemical Sorbent Pillows: Hazmat spill cleanup pillows typically offer higher absorbent capacities than pads and rolls, and are perfect for drips and leaks needing fast attention. These pillows absorb all liquids, and are essential tools to keep nearby for quick response to spills and a safe work area.

hazmat spill rollChemical Sorbent Rolls: Absorbent rolls are just rolls of pads that can be used as needed for biohazard, body fluid, or chemical spill cleanup. They are generally for all purpose uses like absorbing small drips and leaks of any aggressive chemical or acid spill and more. It is recommended that each facility has a storage of absorbent rolls so that spills can be addressed quickly with minimal consequences.

Stay Prepared with Kraken Chemical Absorbents

Kraken hazmat cleanup products can be used to cleanup chemical, body fluid, acid and other biohazard spills. These chemical sorbents can be combined to make hazardous material spill kits like:

  • Laboratory Spill Kits
  • Biohazard Kits
  • Pesticide Spill Kits
  • Acid Spill Kits
  • Blood Spill Kit
  • Body Fluid Spill Kit
  • Chemo Spill Kit
  • Battery Spill Kits
  • Hydroflouric Acid Spill Kit
  • Formaldehyde Spill Kit
  • Medical Spill Kit
  • Biological Spill Kit
  • Hospital Spill Kit

Other Types of Spill Absorbents: Oil Sorbents & Universal Sorbents

In addition to chemical spill cleanup products and hazmat absorbents, we also offer Kraken oil spill containment kits with hydrocarbon absorbents, as well as universal absorbents for general maintenance.

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