Boom Containment Oil Clean Up

Boom Net System

boom containment oilNeed a boom containment oil clean up system? We offer a variety of containment and clean up products that can help with various spill requirements. While booms are available in a couple of different styles, the most common boom option features a standard flotation device and impermeable skirt. This allows the boom to easily float in your water location and contain oil after or during a spill.

Oil containment booms are commonly used in combination with various other clean up equipment. Booms and containment systems may also be developed as needed to meet your specific site requirements.

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Containment Boom Features

  • High Resistance PVC Material
  • 25', 50', or 100' Sections
  • Marine Grade Section Connectors
  • Equipped for Fast Deployment and Containment

Oil Spill Containment Boom Benefits

  • Contains Oil in Calm, Fast, and Moving Waters
  • Easily Compacted for Storage or Deployment
  • Reliable and Easy to Deploy
  • Perfect for Effective Oil Containment
  • Can Be Used in Conjunction with Absorbents
  • Marine Grade Components with High UV Resistance

Standard Oil Spill Applications

  • Calm Water Containment
  • Moving and Fast Water Containment
  • Oil or Chemical Spill Control
  • Open or Protected Water Control

Boom Containment Oil Clean Up System
Technical Specifications

Boom Size 20" - 72"
Freeboard 8" - 32"
Skirt Depth 8" - 40"

In addition to the standard oil containment booms featured here, we also offer inflatable booms as well as an oil fence for spill collection and control. To view our complete variety of floating products, please check out our Oil Spill Booms Overview Page.

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Questions about oil booms? We can help! Call the GEI Works team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.