Absorbent Oil Boom

Oil Absorbent Boom

oil absorbent boomQuestion: Hello. I am looking for an absorbent oil boom that I can use for oil spill cleanup. Do you have anything like this?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For oil spill cleanup in your area, we do offer an Oil Absorbent Boom that is designed specifically to attract oil and contain it around your site. These booms are often used in marinas and other water areas to quickly absorb oil without absorbing the surrounding water.

These absorbent booms are covered in a UV resistant polyester netting and are made hydrophobic to actively repel water while also absorbing oil. See all Absorbent Materials.

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When you need oil spill cleanup fast, these absorbent booms can offer quick results to effectively clean up spills in your area. Some of the many features used on these booms to help them control and absorb oil include:

  • Linkable Steel Rings to help connect sections of booms to match the required length in your area.
  • Hydrophobic Qualities to actively repel water while absorbing oil
  • UV Polyester Netting for use in outdoor locations

  • Available Dimensions:
    • 5" Diameter, 10' Length
    • 8" Diameter, 10' Length
    • 5" Diameter, 20' Length
    • 8" Diameter, 20' Length


The absorbent oil boom is a highly durable and strong material that offers the following advantages while it is in use:

  • oil absorbent boomQuick to Absorb: The materials used for these booms are highly absorbent allowing it to quickly absorb oil materials and hazardous spills.

  • Actively Repels Water: The absorbent boom also actively works to repel water while it is in operation. This helps to successfully keep the boom from sinking as it absorbs liquids.

  • Equipped for Outdoor Use: The exterior of this boom is surrounded by a polyester netting that allows the boom to be used in outdoor locations without any harm.

  • Many Available Links: These absorbents actively link together to form strong, connected units for extended or short-term use.

  • Versatile: While these booms are designed for versatile use, they have also been used on land to surround large machinery, tanks and even vehicles as a form of secondary containment.

In addition to these absorbent booms, we also offer several other absorbing materials including pads, socks, rolls, and even a biodegradable oil boom.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.