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Oil Absorbent Boom

oil absorbent boomQuestion: Hi. I am looking for absorbent booms that can I use for oil spill cleanup. I am in a marina and I need something that is highly resistant to sun light and constant use in an outdoor area. Do you have something available?

Answer: For cleanup and/or constant control of oil in your marina area, a great choice would be our Oil Absorbent Containment Boom. This boom is designed specifically to absorb oil and works to repel water while it is containing your products. In addition, these booms are completely covered in a UV resistant polyester netting that can help with your need for constant outdoor exposure.

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As an oil absorbing product, this boom has several features that help it to hold up to hazardous, outdoors, and marina water conditions. These features include:

  • UV Resistant Polyester Netting: All booms have been covered in a UV resistant polyester netting. This netting helps to protect booms during constant outdoor use.
  • Hydrophobic: These absorbing booms are designed to be hydrophobic, or to actively repel water. This means that when your boom is deployed, it will successfully work to attract oil and repel water. This means that your boom will only absorb oil and successfully control your area.
  • Linkable Steel Rings: Each boom is additionally equipped with linkable steel rings to help create the desired length of your boom. These booms can link together forming a longer, stronger containment product.


These absorbent booms are typically made with diameters of either five or eight inches (5" or 8") and with lengths of ten or twenty feet (10' or 20'). They are packaged with four socks per bale and have either 24 or 16 absorbent socks per pallet.

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Other Options

biodegradableoilboomWe also offer several other absorbent products including socks, pads, and a biodegradable boom. If you are looking for a boom that can be used for constant control in your area, you might also consider one of our Spill Booms. While not made of oil absorbing materials, these booms can successfully contain and control constant oil that may be a problem in your marina area. Booms include a permanent model designed for extended oil control.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.